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Get your book to the people who need it

Congratulations, you’ve written your book! And re-written it. And edited and edited and edited it. Now you just want to throw it against the wall and forget it ever happened. But you can't! Because then then no one will hear about it and your work will have been for nothing. Unacceptable!

Your book deserves on-point marketing and messaging so the right people read it. They need to learn and grow from your insight and experience. I'm here to help! I’ve been working with self-published authors for years. I raised myself on personal development books. I have 20 years of experience in marketing, journalism and communications. 

Book Basics

  • Back Cover/Jacket Copy

  • One-Page Marketing Insert

  • Elevator Pitch

  • One Liner

  • 1-Hour Kickoff Call

  • 1-Hour Strategy and Review Session

  • Brighter Brand Messaging Guide and Marketing Playbook


The foundation of every winning book is a marketing one-pager, one-liner and elevator pitch. With this messaging guide, you'll know exactly how to talk about your book so people will listen, understand and remember. The Playbook is your roadmap to building and expanding your book marketing. So you can ditch the confusion and confidently attract more customers.

Book Brilliance

The Basics and:

  • Book Home Page/Landing Page Copy and Wireframe

  • About the Author Copy

  • Additional 1-Hour Kickoff Call

  • Additional 1-Hour Strategy and Review Session


Book Genius

Book Brilliance and:

  • Book and Author Press Kit

  • Press Release or Pitch

  • 20-Contact Media List

  • Book Launch Marketing Plan (2 months)

  • Social Media Content Calendar (2 months/2 platforms (LinkedIn, FB, IG))

  • Additional 1-Hour Kickoff Call

  • Additional Strategy and Review Session

Build your brand messaging
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