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Marketing for
Big-Hearted Brands

Get the words and strategy that magnetize customers
so you can make money while you make the world
a better place.

Magnetize Customers!

Burn Out
Stressed Woman

You work *hard* for the money — and the world!


  • Striving - and striving - to grow your brand and make a positive impact.

  • Feeling frustrated and stuck with 'meh' marketing and lackluster strategy. 

  • Aware your brand is falling short of its vast potential — and financial projections. 

It shouldn’t be so complicated to make a good living and a positive impact!

Marketing Mojo: Activate!

A clear message and strategy light the way for your brand. You’ll stop wasting time and money and start using the right words in the right places. That way, customers will understand immediately and want to hear more.  

Magnetize Customers

Your ideal customers are heroes on a journey — and they’re searching for you. You’ll learn to zero in on their problems and effectively offer your solutions. They’ll transform along the way — all because they chose to work with you. 

Heart & Hands
Share the Abundance

There’s more than enough for everyone. With clear messaging and a strong marketing strategy, your positive impact business will not only make more money for you, it’ll also ripple out help others. A rising tide lifts all boats. Ahoy!

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How's your marketing working for you?

It's a stone-cold bummer, but if your marketing isn't clear, people won't understand how you can help them and you'll lose out on customers. 

Take heart! And take this 10-minute assessment. Then I'll send you a no-cost, customized marketing plan to elevate your business. Magical.  

Get a ready-to-rock marketing plan that works!


I'm Holly Marley-Henschen, your word witch. Let's get magical!

Hi! I’m obsessed with elevating your brand. 

20+ years of experience in marketing, communications and journalism.

Communications director for statewide public service organizations, business nonprofits and trade groups.

Experienced in customer-centric marketing that gets results.

As passionate as you are about the good work you're doing. Let's nerd out together!

Let’s go on this journey together! 


Schedule your no-cost Brighter Brand Clarity Call and choose your custom package. We’ll chat about your business and aspirations to find a Brighter Brand Package that aligns with your goals.


Get the crystal clear messaging and strategic marketing you need to update and elevate your brand so you can magnetize your ideal customers.


Confidently grow your business so you can make positive change — in the world *and* in your bank account.

Book your Brighter Brand Clarity Call today so you can stop feeling stuck and start confidently kicking butt! (Taking names optional.)


Clearly and simply telling my brand story felt impossible to tackle… I needed to take it to the next level. Now, I feel confident that I have a consistent message that my customer connects with. Customers are starting to use the key words when they reach out to me.
—Maria Henry, Luminous Rose Beauty


I highly recommend working with Brighter Brand Marketing. Now I have a brand script and website wireframe that is simple, clear and effective — and I can shift my energy into other aspects of my business.

– Erin Aagesen, Pearl & Lark, LLC


Holly was fantastic in listening to my business idea, writing excellent copy, and working with me to make sure my brand messaging was on point and consistent across the board. Can't recommend highly enough!

– Ethan Stanislawski, Davera

Some of our stoked customers 

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to Work

Take the leap and:

  • Elevate your stellar brand

  • Make a lasting, positive impact

  • Confidently grow your badass business

  • Magnetize your ideal customers

  • Share that beautiful abundance!

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